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Excellence materials
Materials adopt international environmental quality raw materials, the main material from Germany and Japan, is the assurance of quality products. Comply with RoHS/Reach/En71 environmental standards.
PC material: high quality German bayer bayer Polycarbonate (A GRADE bayer Polycarbonate).
PP and PS material: FCFC
Surface paper and corrugated board: domestic and international famous manufacturer Printing ink: DIC
RFID chips: The international famous chip manufacturers PHILIPS, Impinj
Competitive cost
Through a highly integrated project process management and IT systems, large-scale raw material purchasing, throughout the supply chain of every part of the cost control,advanced and efficient industrial scale operation, reduce the cost of each item, provide customers with competitive cost advantage.
Capability Fast Produce
cd,vcd,cd-rom 320k/day
dvd5,dvd10 280k/day
blu ray disc 40k/day
book 40k/day
color box 20k/day
Fast customer service response
Samples in 3 to 5 days(including packaging materials)
Provide improvement solutions quickly
After gaining customer authorization, apply for the official approval documents in 2-4 days
Order confirmation, bulk production, and completed in 3-6 days
Rush delivery
Provide quality problem processing measures in 3 hours
Telephone return visit by every month
IPR Issues
We all carry out measures to protect customer business secrets and intellectual property rights. Establish strict confidentiality system and monitoring system and ensure that the product high safety in production, packaging, distribution, the maximum to protect the interests of the customer.
Disc security measures
Intellectual property rights education Regularly arrange seminars and lectured employees, strengthen staff awareness of intellectual property rights and respect.
Confidentiality undertaking All employees, suppliers and outsourcing business, all needs to sign a confidentiality undertaking, guarantee not to reveal the customer's intellectual property rights.
Scrap process Production process, the control of all waste, defective pieces, and low-quality products, finally unified by the member that crushed to pieces machine with quality inspection personnel, destroyed.
Number verification process The whole process in materials, production, packaging, distribution of quantity check program, to prevent leakage.
In/out management Factory shall manage the workshop personnel in and out of the entrance, is advantageous to the security implementation of in and out of the personnel security checks.
Isolation staff and goods Absolute space for office staff and production goods, reduce the office staff contact with the disc.
Security prevention monitoring system Install 24-hour surveillance system, with well-trained security team, monitor building all products area aisle, entrances and exits, the whole factory inspect very carefully.
Waste, defective products, and low-quality products processing
Put in storage in 24 hours
Broken application
Content review specialist
Invalid processing by commissioner and quality inspection personnel
EHS policy
Environmental protection is one of our most important policy
Global sources are natural environment for human survival. We insist on health, safety, environmental protection as a generally accepted effective way of enterprise management.
Comply with the ISO 14001 standards.
Comply with the REACH/RoHS/ASTM F963 / EN71 environmental standards.
Reduce the chemical composition
Speed Delivery
Localization services, provide more quick and convenient delivery and shorten the time of transport
China Tel:0086-755-26755311
Europe Tel:0044-20-80680241
product & service

Blu-ray Disc replication
DVD5,DVD9 replication
CD-ROM,CD,VCD replication
Special disc
Direct-mail, postcard disc
Disc packaging
Picture album
Hardcover book
Hardcover box
Color box
Corrugated color box

Global Service

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