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Innovation - integration advantages
Innovative products, advanced cross-industry integrate product performance and product advantage, compound to improve product features, creating opportunities, illuminate the future.
one-stop vertical and horizontal integration
CGN with rich experience in product development application and logistics, according to customer's actual demand, choose the most suitable products supporting services (design, testing, production, assembly, logistics, services), optimize supply chain, cost savings, to speed up the production cycle, help customers to integrate the most cost-effective products and solutions.
Advanced Manufacture
Garden-type factory's district,dust-free anti-static purification workshop
40000m2 intelligent beautiful campus,1000-10000 grade modern fully enclosed dust-free anti-static purification workshop, intelligent entrance guard system.

Master stamper workshop
German SINGULUS Master stamper burning equipment, master stamper production line equipment, equipped with information coding, data analysis, the comparison system, quality control equipment, can complete BD25G / 50 g, DVD10, DVD9, DVD5, CD, VCD, CD-ROM, etc all kinds of motherboard production and quality control.

Disc molding and printing workshop
The most advanced German Singulus BD, DVD, CD production lines, automatic on-line inspection system, equipped with "CATS" CD offline detector and automatic sorting equipment.
Taiwan HANKY, GUANYING five-color/six-color full color offset printing and full-color silk-screen printing machine, according to the different needs of customers, provide a wide range of compact disc printing solution. Various PANTONE color, metallic ink, light oil, graphics accurate, bright colors, can satisfy the requirement of high quality CD printing.
Commercial printing and packaging workshop
Advanced color management system, printing equipment, packaging equipment, color box production equipment, paper processing equipment. Provide all kinds of books and periodicals, color box, carton solution. Equipment has: CTP plate maker, HEIDERBURG, ROLAND four/five/six color printing machine, folding machine, automatic book-sewing machine, automatic sticky book shell machine, hardcover dragon, riding a dragon, automatic die-cutting machine, automatic pasting & folding machine, automatic glue machine,...
Quality inspection center
Advanced professional testing equipment, use the German DR-SHENK, Sweden CATS, United States ECLIPS and other professional testing equipment.
Production process
Disc production process
Master stamper production
Glass washing >> Daub resistance materials >> Baking >> Plating >> Cleaning the master stamper >> Dry glue >> Measure thickness >> Lapping >> Punching forming
Disc replication
PC dry material >> injection molding >> Vacuum gradually plating >> Protection glue (bonding) >> UV drying >> On-line monitor >> Printing >> Packaging >> Shipment
Printing and packaging production process
Template : Graphic or sample from client > sample making > sample validation > sample presentation
Picture album : supplied materials (Base paper storehouse) > CTP film output > printing > cover surface treatment > inner sheet folded > gathering > auto staple (saddle stitching or binding with glue and thread) > cutting the finished product > entering warehouse > shipment
Hardcover book : supplied materials (Base paper storehouse) > printing > surface treatment > auto cover sticky > auto folding > auto staple > hardcover books and spare parts assembling > finished products warehousing
Packing box & hardcover box mass production : supplied materials (Base paper storehouse) > printing > surface treatment > die cutting > manual or automatic sticky box > finished products warehousing
Color box & Corrugated color box : supplied materials (Base paper storehouse) > printing > surface treatment > corrugated board automatic pasting > die cutting > sticky box > finished products warehousing
Total Quality Management(TQM)
Production following a strict process management and total quality management. With professional testing equipment, after strictly selected and trained professional testing technical training quality inspection personnel, strictly control the production process of each variety, to ensure that the factory finished product qualification rate reached 100%.
Disc inspection process 
Disc inspection process : master stamper advance detection > first sample testing > semi-finished products first sample inspection confirmation > printing down > printing first sample confirmed > printing mass production inspection > ID code sorting > products quality inspection > packing > storage testing
Printing and packaging inspection process
Picture album inspection process : incoming inspection > document check > blue paper checks > first check and inspection (printing, surface treatment, folding, binding) > finished product inspection
Hardcover book inspection process : incoming inspection > document check > blue paper checks > first check and inspection (printing, surface treatment, cover sticky, folding, binding, hardware assembly) > finished product inspection
Packing box & hardcover box inspection process : incoming inspection > document check > blue paper checks > first check and inspection (printing, surface treatment) > die cutting inspection > sticky box first check and inspection > finished product inspection
Color box & Corrugated color box inspection process : incoming inspection > document check > blue paper checks > first check and inspection (printing, surface treatment, corrugated cardboard pasting, die cutting, sticky box) > finished product inspection

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Blu-ray Disc replication
DVD5,DVD9 replication
CD-ROM,CD,VCD replication
Special disc
Direct-mail, postcard disc
Disc packaging
Picture album
Hardcover book
Hardcover box
Color box
Corrugated color box

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