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Direct mail (printing presswork or disc)
Direct mail (printing presswork or disc)
1.Perfect printed
2.Various styles
3.High quality, meet up with RoHS/REACH
4.Excellent service, rapid manufacturing
Direct mail (printing presswork or disc):

      Direct mail (printing presswork or disc), are some companies send advertising information printed promotional products (or disc), as the form of letters, or direct sales network, send out the counter, personal service, asking letter, commodity packaging, and so on all kinds of transmission. Direct mail (printing presswork or disc) with visual dissemination of information, advertising effectiveness, this kind of point to point mode of publicity become numerous group enterprise marketing method.

Application field of direct mail print (disc) and enormous room for imagination is the emerging of "attention economy", publicity and marketing the best solution.

Features :
A, It can realize the Internet interaction, and the use of the capacity is also more vast.
B, A way of communication of People's Daily use, has a broad social consumption, kind of image.
C, In the national and global postal net circulation, its wide range of advertising communication, nowhere it doesn't.
D, Low costs, secondary effect, the sender and recipient are advertising objective receptors, high advertising contact frequency, is a little big advertisement new media.
E, Targeted, arrival rate accurately.
F, graphic, video and texts are both excellent, and can do website links, automatic playback, and application more widely than traditional printing brochures.
G, The disc can make all sorts of modeling, corporate logo, rectangle, square, oval, heart-shaped, petal shape, physical modeling, the shapes of cartoon characters, the puzzle modeling.

Direct mail and disc both advantages coexist, to show the enterprise image, idea, brand and product the best publicity and marketing tool, is a new type of advertising media.

Although direct correspondence sometimes nicknamed spam, but studies have found that received letters intact ratio is less than one 5 was in a trash can. Target customers with direct mail CD than direct mail CD impressive degree of increase of 45%.

If you want to know: how to form a perfect direct mail solution, how to improve DM direct mail response, please contact: +86-755-26755311

The design of direct mail:customized according to customer's request

The specification of direct mail:customized according to customer's request
The printing of direct mail:color printing and PANDONE printing
The process of picture album:printing, laminating, aqueous coating, embossing, gold/silver stamping, laser, UV, frosted, stress convex, die cut, punching, paste, forming, etc.
The material of direct mail
Use the high quality environmental protection materials, accord with the REACH, ROHS standards, ensure product quality.
Paper, cardboard, high density board, board, corrugated board, PVC, pasting copper plate, luxuriant card, gold card, platinum card, silver card, laser card, etc.
The sample of direct mail:The sample of direct mail
The production of direct mail:According to customer orders
Global one-stop professional logistics services.
The highway transportation of provincial and Hong Kong customers, delivery within 4~24 hours
The major cities outside the province by truck flights, delivery within 1-3 days.
The foreign customers shipped by express, air and sea, Courier and air, delivery within 1-3 days.
Can provide various EX-WORK,FOB,CIF,DDP,DDU services.
payment:30% - 50% T/T deposit in advance, the rest balance should be settlement after the inspection; the major customer contact us for details.
After-sales service: According to the after-sale quality assurance system
Advanced production equipment
The world first-class pre-press plate-making system, color printing equipment, packaging production equipment, color box production equipment, able to complete all kinds of packaging production and quality control. CTP plate maker, HEIDERBURG, ROLAND four/five/six color printing machine, folding machine, automatic book-sewing machine, automatic sticky book shell machine, hardcover dragon, riding a dragon, automatic die-cutting machine, automatic pasting & folding machine, automatic glue machine,...



Quality control
Production following a strict process management and quality management. With carefully selected and trained professional testing technology training quality inspection personnel, strict to each production process to ensure that the factory finished products qualified.
Printing production process
OQC Procedure
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