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Vinyl Record (LP record) replication
1.speed production 20-38days
2.High quality
3.High precision printing, color bright & exquisite. Special pantone, golden and silver printing
4.Excellent service

vinyl record replication

The LP (long play), or 33 1/3 rpm microgroove vinyl record, is a format for phonograph (gramophone) records, an analog sound storage medium. Introduced by Columbia Records in 1948, it was soon adopted as a new standard by the entire record industry. Apart from relatively minor refinements and the important later addition of stereophonic sound capability, it has remained the standard format for vinyl albums.
Size: 12 inch (30 cm), 7 inch (18cm)
Playing time: 12-inch records
13.5 - 14.5 minutes at 45 RPM per side
19.0 - 20.0 minutes at 33 1/3 RPM per side

7-inch records
4.5 - 5.0 minutes at 45 RPM per side
6.5 - 7.0 minutes at 33 1/3 RPM per side

Weight: 7-inch records 42g/pcs,12-inch records 140 or 200g/pcs
Color black disc
Printing: printing label and digital printing on Vinyl
Package: VINYL insert inner sleeve,insert printing jackets and shrinkwrap,or other limited edition hardcover packaging
Purpose Audio storage

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Los Angeles  Tel
001(323)5397319 Shenzhen Tel 0086-755-26755311

  Vinyl Record(customized)
Gold record (Golden vinyl record) Platinum vinyl record
12' vinyl record (12 inch) 10' vinyl record (10 inch)
7' vinyl record (7 inch) color vinyl record ( white, yellow, green, orange, red, pink, blue, purple, grey )
Transparent vinyl records ( Crystals, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown )

White and Black Splash vinyl records
( background with transparent or white or black)

Red and Black Splash vinyl records
( background with transparent or white or black)
Blue and Black Splash vinyl records
( background with transparent or white or black)

Mixed color vinyl record (2 colors with Orange)

Mixed color vinyl record (2 colors with Blue)
Picture vinyl record Picture vinyl record
Picture vinyl record Picture vinyl record
  Vinyl Record packaging (customized)
standard jacket
Inner sleeve
PO bag
Hardcover packing:Limited edition hardcover packaging, collector's edition packaging
Vinyl Records Wooden Box or Packaging Vinyl Records Acrylic Box or Packaging
Vinyl Records MirageBlack Wooden Box Vinyl Records Hardcover Box or Packaging
Vinyl Records Acrylic + Hardcover Box or Packaging Vinyl Records Hardcover Packaging
Packaging of Gold Record Edition Packaging of Gold Record Edition
  Gold Vinyl Record (Golden Record) Edition, Platinum Record Edition
Production equipment:
Production equipment: vinyl record production lines, full-color printing

Service Process

->The Lacquer Master clean
->The Lacquer Master is sprayed with a solution of silver nitrate
->Silvered Lacquer Master is mounted into plating cell
->A metal stamper is obtained after around 3 hours plating process
->Stamper back side polishing
->Metal stamper is peeled off from the lacquer master
->Centering the stamper and the machine punches a central hole in the stamper
->Trimming the edges of the stamper in order to fit the required diameter of the final size of the record
->The stamper is pre-formed to suit mold profile

->Pre-formed stampers are mounted into pressing mold
->Melt plastic biscuit and two record labels are put into the mold
->The mold is heating up by steam and pressing with high pressure
->The mold is opened after cooling and a vinyl record is formed
->The excess edge of vinyl record is trimmed off by a machine
->The records are being visually inspected and then packed after 24 hrs cooling

Payment Method:
50% - 70% T/T deposit in advance, balance should payoff before departure of the warehouse after the inspection
The content provide method:
Digital Master
24bit Wav files any standard
sample rates up to 192K.
CD Audio
DDP CD Master files
Fully PREPARED-Mastered
AIF and Mp3 files can be accepted
Client offer 
Copyright and authorization letter sample download
Get ready your master 1day
Send artwork to PD for jacket printing 1 day
Cutting house send lacquer master to PD 10-20 days
Lacquer master to make mother and son 3 days

Pressing 4 days
Cooling 1 day
Packing 1 day
Shipping to US/EU/Japan 4 days
Total time frame: from readiness of master to receipt of goods = 20-38 days

According to the customer's Vinyl Record replication.html orders, up to 20-38 days below 5000pcs
Global one-stop professional logistics services.
The highway transportation of provincial and Hong Kong customers, delivery within 4~24 hours;
The major cities outside the province by truck flights, delivery within 1-3 days.
The foreign customers shipped by express, air and sea, Courier and air, delivery within 1-3 days.
Can provide various EX-WORK,FOB,CIF,DDP,DDU services.
After-sales service 
According to the after-sale quality assurance system
China&Asia Tel:0086-755-26755311
USA & CA Tel:001-323-5397319
Europe Tel:0044-20-80680241
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Global Service

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