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Shaped CD/DVD disc replication
2.Compact(small volume, light weight)
3.World class quality,comply with RoHS/REACH/EN71
4.Excellent service, rapid manufacturing

Shaped CD/DVD disc replication

Multimedia special-shaped discs is the modelling of a kind of circular disc ,multimedia special-shaped discs can be made into various shapes,enterprise logo, rectangle, square, oval, heart-shaped, petals, physical model, cartoon characters, puzzles, etc all kinds of circular shape. Give full play to your imagination space, let a special-shaped discs put your dreams into magic.
Shaped discs. Can store text, images, animation, virtual reality, video images, sound, etc., and can do website links. Is absolutely the best on the market promotion and marketing tool.


Silvery disc
Thickness: 1.2mm


Top quality material. RoHS/Reach/EN71 compliance. Polycarbonate: German Bayer or Japan Mitsubishi. Sputtering target material: SWITZERLAND UMIORE.
UV Lacquer: German Rohm & Haas.
Printing ink: Japan DIC.
Usage: Multimedia application field of special-shaped discs and enormous room for imagination, is the emerging of "attention economy", anti-counterfeiting of the best solution.
  (I) Set enterprise introduction and card functions in one
Will the information such as name, phone number printed on the CD, using multimedia forms such as Flash, VR technology to introduce enterprise, product information, corporate video production to the cd-rom.
  (II) Tourist scenic spot electronic ticket
1、Along with the rapid development of tourism, the traditional tickets only can be used as entrance tickets, the capacity is very limited, there wasn't much preserved value, and multimedia abnormity can contain scenic spot introduction, lodging and other information, propaganda effect is better.Is a model of high-tech used in daily life, completely broke through the limitation of traditional scenic spot tickets, tickets for visitors to use CD/DVD in and out of the scenic area, through the VCD, DVD or computer: can automatically mountains and rivers, enjoy the scenic spot, can also be combined with the local government of China merchants investment, cd-rom published data is not updated on a regular basis. Can develop tourist consumption, it was definitely added bright beautiful scenery for the image of the scenic spots.
2、Use electronic means promotional spots elegant, more era characteristic.
  (III) Gifts, gifts and greeting card
Shaped disc products, fully embody the young people personality has a strong attraction, peculiar modelling, character design fully reflected the young man's creativity. Enterprise can be made into exquisite gift or gifts, attached to the customer to pleasure, in the fierce market competition to get customers more attention, is an effective means of marketing. Airlines, starred hotel and well-made periodicals and so on all can take advantage of the special-shaped discs as a gift or gift to expand influence surface.
  (IV) Banking, telecommunications, publicity, etc., can be used as an electronic brochure
1、As bank brochures, can contain bank relevant publicity materials.
2、As a telecom IP card, can contain relevant data usage, etc.
3、As foreign investment promotion brochures, can be compiled into a unified data, set up a personal electronic calling card, through personal contacts, promote the region, in this system, the situation of this unit and this site.
  (V) Promotion of big projects
Can be widely used in real estate, insurance companies, the new building marketing is planted to promote investment, development zones, large trade exhibition, large festival (arts, movies, TV shows, tourism festival, garments festival, food festival, the oktoberfest, fair, etc.).
  (VI) Data
Important documentation, reports, training materials, knowledge education, product manuals, as well as the film stars, singers, sports stars, models such as personal photo can be in the special-shaped discs.
  (VII) Utility software
Software companies, IT companies, securities companies, futures companies, Banks, insurance companies, web sites, e-commerce companies, ISP, or other business needs software support enterprise, can the client software in the special-shaped discs, customers can use anytime and anywhere.
  (VIII) Product identity authentication
For manufacturing enterprise, need a kind of high-tech means to authenticate identity of their products, to crack down on fake and inferior products, maintain the brand reputation. Special-shaped discs will be a new generation of product authentication. Other enterprises, such as software companies, IT companies, securities companies, futures companies, Banks, insurance companies, web sites, e-commerce company, ISP, or other business needs software support enterprise, can use the client computer and cd-rom drive penetration, using special-shaped discs customer to product identification.
  (IX) Invite investment
Multimedia shaped discs in addition to outside can be used for enterprise image promotion and product promotion, can also have a lot of creative use. Government publicity - policies and regulations propaganda, show positive attitude and substantial results of reform and opening up, increasing transparency and affinity, show the recent and vision. Multimedia shaped discs can also be widely used in tourism, real estate, electronic publishing, website, holiday gifts, celebration activities, souvenirs, product promotion, business card, the urban business card, garments festival, fairs, trade mark, product introduction, operation instruction, parks, sports and entertainment tickets, business CARDS, fairs, IC card, building promotion, membership card, website promotion, the quality of the product warranty card, VCD, DVD, CD, software, games, and other fields. 
According to the customer's special requirements and special custom.

Service Process

Customers demand > > > offer > > > sample production > > > customer confirmation > > > contract deposit payment > > > > plan > > bulk production, testing and packing > > > customer inspection > > > final payment > > > logistics delivery > > > after-sale service...
Payment Method:
30% - 50% T/T deposit in advance, the rest balance should be settlement after the inspection; the major customer contact us for details.
The content provide method:
1、CD/VCD/CDROM: offer CD-ROM or CD-R content of finished samples, or FTP download (see the details > > >)
2、Printing and packaging files, artwork format : AI,PDF,CDR,EPS,PSD,JPG ( at least 300dpi ).  
Client offer:
I、CD/DVD export or transfer factory,need a export official approval documents
from Guangdong press and publication
1、Copyright and authorization letter need the official seal or signature (the mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea regions need the official seal, other countries and regions need to seal or signature) sample download
2、Agency authorized CGN a authorization letter (if there is a agent) sample download
3、Export or transfer factory's official seal on the copy of the business license
II、CD/DVD sales in domestic market

1、Copyright and authorization letter need the official seal or signature (the mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea regions need the official seal, other countries and regions need to seal or signature) sample download
2、Agency authorized CGN a authorization letter (if there is a agent) sample download
3、The copyright owner company's official seal on the copy of the business license

CD sample:
3-5 business days
CD production:
According to the customer's orders, up to 3 business days
The minimum quantity for production:
up to 1,000pcs
CD shipping:
Global one-stop professional logistics services.
The highway transportation of provincial and Hong Kong customers, delivery within 4~24 hours;
The major cities outside the province by truck flights, delivery within 1-3 days.
The foreign customers shipped by express, air and sea, Courier and air, delivery within 1-3 days.
Can provide various EX-WORK,FOB,CIF,DDP,DDU services.
After-sales service:
According to the after-sale quality assurance system
Production equipment: Production equipment: international advanced Germany Singulus disc production lines, six full-color offset printing and silk screen printing (details > > >)
Production process(details > > >)
Capacity:CD/VCD/CD-ROM 300,000/day, DVD5/DVD9 300,000/day, Blu-ray 60,000/day
Quality management and processTo implement the production management, products through strict quality control procedures, the qc personnel all through the test of professional training. Chooses the most advanced German and Swiss quality inspection equipment, ensure the highest level quality of products. (details > > >)
Certification and standardHas passed ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2000 certification, comply with the REACH/RoHS/ASTM F963 / EN71 environmental standards.
The professional supplier of many famous international groups preferred. Major industries: electronic manufacturing services (EMS), electronic, audio and video, publishing, the government, banking, tourism, telecommunications, etc.: HP, Philips, EMI, Cisco, Sanyo, LG, Sharp, Pioneer, GE, Samsung, Wal-mart, China Telecom, China Life, Huawei, ZTE, Bosch, Pepsi, Li Fung, Kingston, Fujitsu, SanDisk, BenQ, Cheat well, Siemens, Creative, Marvel, Jabil, Lenovo, Foxconn, DuPont, CK, ALTUS, Paka, MTN., University Games, Wuliangye...

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USA & CA Tel:001-323-5397319
Europe Tel:0044-20-80680241
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